Ocean Turbulence Workshop

22 - 26 January 2018 at UKZN, Durban.

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Rockland Scientific and the Environmental Fluid Mechanics Lab in Civil Engineering at UKZN are presenting a 5 day workshop on ocean turbulence with theoretical, practical and data processing units. The workshop is aimed at post-graduate students and researchers with a strong interest in oceanography as well as at technical personal working in the ocean environment.

Rockland Scientific ONR


The workshop is sponsored by the United State's Office of Naval Research.

Students can apply for a bursary to cover travel costs.

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Monday 22nd January 2018

0800 – 0830 – Registration

0830 – 0845 – Welcome & Intro


Monday to Friday

0830 – 1200 Morning Session with a coffee/tea break

1200 – 1300 Lunch

1300 – 1600 Afternoon Session with short break

Field trip to Durban Harbour

One day of the week will be spent on a boat with on ship deployments of the VMP-250

Session Contents

Two to four units are taught each day, the VMP-250 Turbulence Profiler will be introduced to demonstrate the measurement of micro-scale turbulence.

The focus of units will take into account the technical background of participants.

(1) Fundamental Turbulence Theory

(2) Ocean Turbulence Theory

(3) Introduction to the VMP-250

(4) Data Acquisition Software (ODAS5IR)

(5) Pre-deployment Checks

(6) Ocean Turbulence Measurement Techniques

(7) Ocean Turbulence Measurement Sensors

(8) VMP-250 Deployment

(9) VMP-250 Maintenance

(10) Data Conversion and Processing

(11) Signal Conditioning

(12) Glider measurements with MicroRider


All places suggested are safe and close to campus or just a short drive away. Some offer shared accommodation.

B&Bs close to campus:

An Upper Room, R700 per room

Nunuburd, R660 per room

The Deck on Manning

Backpackers that offer dorm accommodation:

Nomads Backpackers in Musgrave, from R180 ppn

Curiocity backpackers in Durban central, from R180 ppn